Thursday, August 11, 2016

iFrame Opera Extension (Updated for Opera 39)

My First Ever Published Opera Extension :D

Based on my previous post, iFrame bookmarklet, with added capability to resize and move the iFrame

Try Opera, and try my extension :)

August 2016 Update Version 0.6-0.7: After 3+ years, I finally found the time to edit this extension to work with the new version of Opera (Chromium). Tested and Published for Opera 39. I don't know how many will actually come back and reuse this extension, but well, at least I'm using it extensively myself :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Android 1-Click Shortcuts using SL4A

Sometimes it takes 3-4 clicks to get to our often used settings page on Android phone, such as Mobile Network Settings (Settings - Wireless and networks - Mobile Networks). With SL4A, it's really easy to create a 1-click shortcut on the Home screen.

1. Create new script in SL4A, copy one of the following codes

Shortcut to Mobile Network Settings (Use packet data, 2G/3G)

droid = android.Android()

Shortcut to Mobile AP/Tethering Settings

droid = android.Android()

2. Long press on Home Screen, choose Shortcut, choose Scripts, select the script you wrote on Step 1

3. Done :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

11 April 2012: 5 Years For Good

11 April 2012, 5 years from LA back to Sby

Pengkhotbah 3:1-14 (Herry edition)

Untuk segala sesuatu ada masanya, untuk apapun di dalam hidup Herry ada waktunya.

Ada waktunya untuk cinta itu lahir, Tuhan mempertemukan Herry dengan Johana

Ada waktu untuk Koko Herry yang kedua meninggal dalam sebuah kecelakaan

Ada waktu untuk menanam, memulai karier yang dianugerahkan Tuhan

Ada waktu untuk mencabut yang ditanam, untuk keperluan sehari-hari dan menabung untuk masa depan of course :)

Ada waktu untuk membunuh sel kanker lymphoma Papi, ada waktu untuk Tuhan menyembuhkan penyakit Papi melalui dokter dan perawatan medis

Ada waktu untuk Tuhan merombak kembali hati yang sudah mulai hancur, ada waktu untuk membangun kembali iman pengharapan di dalam Tuhan

Ada waktu untuk menangis ketika Papi harus dioperasi lagi, ada waktu untuk tersenyum bersyukur kepada Tuhan karena itu bukan penyakit yang ganas

Ada waktu untuk meratap dalam kesedihan yang sementara, ada waktu untuk menari memuji kebaikan Tuhan

Ada waktu untuk membuang batu keragu-raguan, ada waktu untuk mengumpulkan batu sukacita untuk melayani Tuhan bersama dengan saudara seiman yang lain

Ada waktu untuk memeluk Meme dan dear cousins, ada waktu untuk Nainai dan keluarga menahan diri dari memeluk ketika mereka harus melanjutkan studi ke luar negeri satu per satu

Ada waktu untuk mencari teman-teman baru, ada waktu untuk membiarkan sahabat yang lain pergi

Ada waktu untuk menyimpan kenangan-kenangan indah, ada waktu untuk membuang pengalaman yang pahit

Ada waktu untuk merobek perasaan dan emosi, ada waktu untuk menjahit kembali hubungan yang sudah renggang

Ada waktu untuk berdiam diri dan berdoa, ada waktu untuk berbicara dan bertindak

Ada waktu untuk berusaha mengasihi Tuhan lebih lagi, ada waktu untuk membenci diri sendiri yang terlalu sering jatuh dalam dosa

Ada waktu untuk perang melawan godaan Iblis dan dunia, ada waktu untuk mengalami damai Tuhan walau hidup penuh ketidakpastian

Apakah untung Herry dari yang dikerjakannya dengan berjerih payah? Herry melihat pekerjaan yang diberikan Allah kepada Herry untuk melelahkan diri telah membuat Herry belajar untuk menghargai anugerah Tuhan dan terus bergantung kepada Tuhan

Tuhan membuat segala sesuatu indah pada waktunya, bahkan Ia memberikan kekekalan dalam hati Herry. Tetapi Herry tidak dapat menyelami pekerjaan yang dilakukan Allah dari awal sampai akhir.

Herry tahu bahwa untuk Herry tak ada yang lebih baik dari pada bersyukur dan menikmati berkat Tuhan dalam hidup Herry.

Dan bila Herry dapat makan, minum, dan menikmati kesenangan dalam segala jerih payah, itu juga adalah pemberian Allah.

Herry tahu bahwa segala sesuatu yang dilakukan Allah akan tetap ada untuk selamanya; itu tidak dapat ditambah dan tak dapat dikurangi; Allah berbuat demikian, supaya Herry takut akan Dia.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Opera Fullscreen Autoshow/hide Toolbar

Another thing missing from Opera is the fullscreen mode autoshow/hide toolbar. Yes, there are ways to show and autohide the toolbars with delay using keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures as described here, however, often time we (especially netbook users) just want to use our mouse to show the address bar or tab bar to navigate back/forward or to switch tabs.

So, my idea is, when we go to fullscreen mode, we add a handler to detect when the mouse reach the top of the screen, and when it does, we would like to send Opera the show toolbars shortcut. I have searched through Opera Extensions API if there is a way to send an internal Opera action command through an extension, but so far the result is none. So, finally, I decided to utilize Autohotkey to the rescue. Basically I wrote a script to detect when Opera is active, and detect when mouse position reach top of the page, then send the keyboard shortcut to Opera.

#NoTrayIcon ; Uncomment this line to show Tray Icon
SetTimer, CheckOpera, 1000

if WinActive("ahk_class OperaWindowClass")
   MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos
     if (ypos = 0) {
     Send {Shift Down}{F11}{Shift Up} ; Put your shortcut here, in this case: Shift F11

How to use the script:
1. In Opera, define the keyboard shortcut key to show and autohide the toolbars
For this example I define Shift F11 shortcut as View page bar, 6 & View address bar, 6 & Delay, 10000 & View page bar, 0 & View address bar, 0
Note: View page bar = show tab bar

2. Download Autohotkey, write the script above, and if you wish, compile it to standalone executable (.exe)

3. Run the script on Windows startup, or on Opera startup using Opera Launcher

Give it a try, and as always, suggestions and comments are welcome :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

iFrame Opera Extension (Updated for Opera 39)

My First Ever Published Opera Extension :D

Based on my previous post, iFrame bookmarklet, with added capability to resize and move the iFrame

Try Opera, and try my extension :)

Update Version 0.6-0.7: After 3+ years, I finally found the time to edit this extension to work with the new version of Opera (Chromium). Tested and Published for Opera 39. I don't know how many will actually come back and reuse this extension, but well, at least I'm using it extensively myself :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Browsing with iFrame

For me, Opera is (almost) perfect. The only thing missing is an extension like Firefox's CoolPreviews or Google Chrome's extension ezLinkPreview. So here I end up writing it myself ... a simple inside Frame browsing. The idea is basically if you have several links on a page (like Google search results) instead of clicking a link, go back, click another link, go back, you can just open an iframe (still on the same page) to "preview" the destination link, and when you decide to browse the entire content, you just need to click the actual link to load the whole page. This is very helpful when browsing pages with hundred links, such as Craigslist!!

How to use: Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmark bar, and click it when you are on a page that you need the iFrame. When you hover on a link, it will display a small box on the right side of the link, which you can click to open the preview frame. Click outside the frame to close it, or hover and click on another link.

iFrame Bookmarklet

For Opera user, you can add this javascript file iFrame.user.js to your UserJS folder to load iFrame functionality every time you open a webpage.

Update: For Opera user, you can download the iFrame extension here, with added capability to resize and move the iFrame.

Update 2: Below is the draggable and resizable version of iFrame Bookmarklet (only works in Opera for now)

iFrame Bookmarklet

Enjoy! Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Get Images Bookmarklet

I wonder why all Internet browsers do not provide us with a built-in and simple way to download multiple images, such as those excellent photos from my favorite's The Big Picture. The closest thing that fit my need is Bulk Image Downloader and Firefox Extensions (Image Picker). The thing is, I certainly don't want to pay for something that can be free, and secondly, I don't use Firefox as my primary Internet browser (Hail Opera!)

My first plan was to make an Opera extension similar to Firefox's Image Picker, which basically read a page, select the images and then call the built-in download manager to save it to local folder. However, I'm having a real hard time finding the Opera API function to call the Opera download manager to download even a single url. So, I end up writing just this simple bookmarklet to grab the images url, and execute Free Download Manager to perform the download. For now, the bookmarklet only extract direct source url of images on the page, not linked images (such as google image search, flickr, etc.)

UPDATE: It now extracts the real image url of Google Image Search and Yahoo Image Search results :)

UPDATE 2: For Opera User, the bookmarklet will extract the url in links, so you can use the Link Panel, Select All, and Save to Download Folder. No longer need to copy paste to Free Download Manager.

You can add this link to your bookmark folder or drag it to your Opera Bookmark Bar
Get Images Bookmarklet

UPDATE 3: Added Check / Uncheck All Buttons Get Images Bookmarklet v3

UPDATE 4: Add Bing image search support Get Images Bookmarklet v4

Google Chrome or Firefox version of the bookmarklet: Get Images

Here is how you use it:

1. Go to your favorite image gallery site. Here are some of my favorites:

2. Click the Get Images Bookmarklet from your bookmark folder or Bookmark Bar, it will open a new page with all the images from the site resized along with a checkbox next to each images

3. Check or uncheck the images you want to download, and the image source url will be copied to the textarea.

4. Select all (Ctrl + A) and Copy (Ctrl + C) the links in the textbox

5. Open Free Download Manager, choose Import list of URLs from clipboard (Ctrl + Shift + V)

Comments are greatly appreciated :)