iFrame Opera Extension (Updated for Opera 39)

My First Ever Published Opera Extension :D


Based on my previous post, iFrame bookmarklet, with added capability to resize and move the iFrame

Try Opera, and try my extension :)

August 2016 Update Version 0.6-0.7: After 3+ years, I finally found the time to edit this extension to work with the new version of Opera (Chromium). Tested and Published for Opera 39. I don't know how many will actually come back and reuse this extension, but well, at least I'm using it extensively myself :)

Update Version 0.2: Added an Option Page and Toolbar button to enable/disable, hover with Ctrl key, and show Tiny Box link or directly show the iFrame link preview

Update Version 0.3: Added Tiny Boxes for easy moving and resizing iFrame

Update Version 0.4: Added Options for Ctrl/Alt/Shift Key combination and Show/Hide Toolbar Button

Announcement: My iFrame Opera Extension is included on Softpedia.com :) Here is the link

Update Version 0.5: Added Options for Custom Size and Position,
also a feature to display search result of selected text in iFrame :) Love it!
Too bad Google search could not be opened in an iFrame.


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iFrame Opera Extension (Updated for Opera 39)