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For me, Opera is (almost) perfect. The only thing missing is an extension like Firefox's CoolPreviews or Google Chrome's extension ezLinkPreview. So here I end up writing it myself ... a simple inside Frame browsing. The idea is basically if you have several links on a page (like Google search results) instead of clicking a link, go back, click another link, go back, you can just open an iframe (still on the same page) to "preview" the destination link, and when you decide to browse the entire content, you just need to click the actual link to load the whole page. This is very helpful when browsing pages with hundred links, such as Craigslist!!

How to use: Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmark bar, and click it when you are on a page that you need the iFrame. When you hover on a link, it will display a small box on the right side of the link, which you can click to open the preview frame. Click outside the frame to close it, or hover and click on another link.

iFrame Bookmarklet

For Opera user, you can add this javascript file iFrame.user.js to your UserJS folder to load iFrame functionality every time you open a webpage.

Update: For Opera user, you can download the iFrame extension here, with added capability to resize and move the iFrame.

Update 2: Below is the draggable and resizable version of iFrame Bookmarklet (only works in Opera for now)

iFrame Bookmarklet

Enjoy! Suggestions and comments are always welcome.


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Is There A Way To Put The Tiny Box More Closer To The Cursor Because Each Time I Try To Move My Cursor To Tiny Box I Don't Have Time To Get To The Box.
    First Of All It's Too Far
    Second I Don't Have The Time To Get There In Time.
    So I Can't Look At What I Was Triyng To Look AT.
    Can You Update It So There Is An Option To Bring The Box Closer To The Cursor.
    And Add An Option So There Is More Time To Get To The Box.
    So We Can Look At What We Were Hoping To Look At.
    Thank You.
    In The Hope Of Seeing An Update Soon.


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